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The flying school directory for Halfpenny Green Airport, Bobbington, South Staffordshire.

 Pilot Club Halfpenny Green

Halfpenny Green Airport is home to a wide range of flying schools - from fixed wing,  helicopters, flexwing and ultralights. A group of the schools decided to get together to deliver a united and coordinated project dedicated to keeping our airport a vibrant hub of General Aviation. Meet Pilot Club Halfpenny Green, its mission, to promote aviation to the next generation of pilots and to celebrate success, whilst building links with our local community.

Helicopter Lessons

AA Helicopters is the Rotary School at Halfpenny Green. They Fly the Popular Robinson Helicopters, both R22 and R44 variants and have one of the most vibrant Helicopter schools in the country. The Tea is always free and guys are fanatical about safety! 

Being the only Rotary training flight school on the field you will get the thrill of Hovering and the fantastic rotary flight experience that you can ONLY get from a Helicopter.

Find AA Helicopters at Unit 26a   |  Call 01384221050

Flex Wing and Microlights

The Airfields Resident Microlight school is HadAir. They are a friendly microflight flight training school and club, based at Halfpenny Green Airfield (Wolverhampton Airfield) in the beautiful Shropshire/West Midlands countryside. With over 20 years flying experience, and a member of the British Microlight Aircraft Association HadAir knows everything there is to know about learning to fly a microlight aircraft..

Find Had Air at Unit 14  |  Call 01384221130

Eat, Meet, and View

The Spiritual centre of all airfields is the airport cafe, and Halfpenny Green is no exception. The Navigator Cafe at Halfpenny Green Airport is run by Bernie and the girls and always offers a very warm welcome and great hot and cold food.

With panoramic view of the airfield, it is a great place to watch your loved ones enjoy one of our airfield's schools flight experiences.

The Cafe is the real hub of the airport, for pilots, students and visitors alike.

contact the Navigator Cafe

Halfpenny Green

1st Floor Control Tower Building 
Call 01384 221597
Navigator Cafe

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Fixed Wing schools 

Halfpenny Green

Halfpenny green airport has a thriving fixed wing community. There are four Fixed wing schools  at Halfpenny Green Airport. Each of them has their unique qualities and training specialities. Between them they have trained thousands of today's commercial pilots, some of whom will have taken you to your holiday destinations.

For the services each offers, please see below. 

Air Midwest - Halfpenny Green

Unit 3 West  |  Call 01384221777 

Flight Path Flying Club - Halfpenny Green

Unit 11   |  Call 01384221456

The Flying School - Halfpenny Green Airport
The Flying

Unit 29b  | 01384221700

Wolverhampton Flight Training - Halfpenny Green Airport
Flight Training

Unit 3 East  |  01384221727

Pilot club is a Non Profit Platform for Supporting General Aviation at Halfpenny Green Airport.

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